Finding More Joy

The Care and Feeding of your Soul

With the stress of global and local current events, we all could benefit from the practice of paying attention to our breath.

Give yourSELF a small but useful gift by paying attention to your breath.  By breathing deeply and mindfully, we not only give our body much needed oxygen but we also help move the life energy and natural health in our bodies.  By actively moving energy with breath we decrease stress in the body and slow the mind.

Are you holding your breath or do you breathe shallowly when your day or mind is particularly busy?

Try this short simple 3 minute exercise to increase your awareness of SELF care:

Sit quietly palms down
close your eyes
pay attention to your breath
3 count breaths on inhale and 3 count breaths on exhale
repeat 4 times
notice the difference in your calm and focus

-Susan Hansted, MA, MFT
Founder, Institute of Possibility Thinking

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